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Digital way of Networking for event organizers, sponsors and exhibitors through our Powerful Lead Retrieval Applications. Optimize time, energy, and budgets while planning, executing, and attending events. The Lead Retrieval technology helps companies effortlessly to make the most of their sales and marketing efforts. Increases your efficiency and productivity.

With all the data available in one CRM, both the marketing and sales team communicate seamlessly with each other and have an integrated campaigns to execute. Our Lead Retrieval Apps reinforces organization and client/prospect communication instantaneously.

1. Get Professional with Digital Lead Retrieval App.

An organized and a tech-savvy team is always preferred by big corporate companies. Our Lead Retrieval App is easy to use and can be used to follow up with prospects.

You can collect huge visitors data on your tablet or smartphone and can easily replace business cards/ pen/ paper.

You are always available with all required contact information on your smartphone, to continue the conversation with confidence.

Lead Retrieval App
Lead Retrieval App

2. Availability of leads to marketing and sales in real-time.

Organizing business cards and arranging the list of potential customers is a time-consuming job. A lot of time and manpower is spent in getting it done. Also, these hard-earned leads can get easily lost while travelling between events. Our efficient Lead Retrieval App is capable enough to scan and store huge vital information like names, email ids and phone numbers of prospects. Drastically, reducing the time consuming manual efforts and errors involved in it.

The digital Lead Retrieval system allows you to access the information even after the event is over. It leverages follow-up actions through various social channels and fosters better business relationships. The Lead Retrieval software allows sales to convert several leads into actual customers with personalized communication.

3. Marketing and sales team work more closely and know the kind of leads they have.

Our Lead Retrieval App allows you to get all the basic information of the leads, with a single click on your phone. It facilitates you to score leads, according to its business profile This enables the teams to take notes and make it easy for the sales team to know where and when to follow up with the potential prospects.

With the precise information available on your device, it allows sales to have a more targeted approach and maximizes your event ROI in very short duration. Lead Retrieval App facilitates your team, attendees and exhibitors with all the required tools to have a successful and productive post-event follow-up results.

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